I’m Alive Shark Attack Reenactment – Animal Planet

Shark Attack in Hawaii

T.V. Show Animal Planet
T.V. Series: I’m Alive
Lead Actor (JP): Aaron MacDonald
Supporting Role (Jay): Jon Fritzler
Production Company: Gurnery Productions
Location: Oahu, Hawaii.

I’m Alive – Shark Attack Reenactment for Animal Planet

Local Actors from Hawaii Aaron MacDonald and Jon Fritzler star in Animal Planet’s series called I’m Alive. On a warm sunny day JP and friends head out for a surfing adventure to catch some waves. While surfing, one of JP’s friends see a shark in in the distance and signal JP to paddle in. JP, being adventurous and brave, decides to stay in the water and surf. The shark mistaking JP for a seal, goes in for the kill and rips his leg to shreds! After being saved by a local lifeguard, paramedics come to the rescue and rush him to the hospital. While in a coma, his best friend Jay plays him his favorite songs hoping it will help him gain consciousness. JP eventually recovers and goes on to become a successful graphic designer. With one leg he continues to body board and enjoy the ocean with no fear.

Shark Attack Hawaii