Private Mermaid Tour Honolulu


Private Mermaid Tour Honolulu

Live out your dream and become a majestic mermaid or magical merman with the Private Mermaid Tour in Honolulu! Our professional mermaid instructors will teach you how to swim like a mermaid through the tropical oceans. Magical mermaid and mermen were said to have inhabited Hawai’i thousands of years ago. Some say they’ve spotted “Mer” off the coast of Magic Island! We provide absolutely everything you need including the mermaid suite and tail! You are guaranteed to see a ton of aquatic life and tropical fish. Plus! Free Airdrop to iPhones! & the pictures of your experience are on us!

Mermaid Tour Oahu

private mermaid tour in hawaii

mermaid in hawaii

mermaid dressup waikiki

Mermaid Tour Oahu

Oahu mermaid Tour

Mermaid Photoshoot Honolulu

Your Price: $230 $215.00
(price is per persons)
Phone: (808) 377-6271
Vendor: Mermaidrepublic
Oahu Activity: Mermaid Experience
Location: Waikiki
Photography: Included
Duration: 1-1.5 hours
Availability: 12:00-2:00 pm Daily

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Private Mermaid Tour Honolulu Info

Excursion times & Check in  

  • 12:00 & 2:00 pm Daily
  • Briefing: Your dive pro will start you out from the beach where they will go over safety and fundamentals of snorkeling & being a mermaid. Usually 5-10 min.

  • We recommend a car rental or an Uber/Lyft to come to our location.

  • 1-1.5 hrs (depending on your group size and how you do in the water)
  • Mermaid Tail
  • Adults and kids 5yrs and up
  • Free videos included
  • Photoshoot
  • Guaranteed to see aquatic life and fish
  • Snorkel Gear
What to Expect 

  1. Fundamentals briefing: Your mermaid guides will start you out from the beach where they will go over information and fundamentals of using the mermaid suit. At this time, we will teach you fun mermaid poses including the famous hairlip while capturing it on our gopro camera. Usually about 20-30 minutes

  3. Getting Comfortable: Your mermaid guide will start you out in waist deep water (3ft) to get you comfortable with using your mermaid tail. After, we will start you out with some swimming lessons in very shallow water to teach you how to use your new tail.

  5. After the mermaid guide gets you comfortable, they will give you a tour of the reef system where they will take videos of you swimming as a real mermaid!

  7. Outdoor showers are available to rinse off after the mermaid experience. Feel free to bring soap and shampoo if you want to do a full shower but most guest just rinse off and take a full shower back at their hotel.
No Worries 

  • We help you with everything from before the tour, guiding you into our dive site, to after the tour, downloading videos and pictures. We take care of all the details in between so that you don’t have to worry, and your tour goes perfect.
Items and clothes to bring 

  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
Required Information 

  • Contact cell number or hotel concierge hot-line with room number.
  • Credit card number to reserve your time slot.
  • After booking, you will recieve a confirmation email that will have all of the details for your reservation, including what to expect, what to bring, and where to check in.

  • Adults and kids 10yrs and up.
  • Pregnant women can not participate.
  • Those with back injuries or those who are susceptible to back injury may not participate.
Cancellation Policy 

  • There is a 48 hour cancellation policy and no refund on no-shows.
  • If you arrive late for your scheduled tour a $35 per person rescheduling fee with be charged for scuba diving and $15 per person for snorkeling to reschedule your tour to the next available day/time. Reschedules are not guaranteed and no refund will be given if we are unable to reschedule you.
  • If the dive professional cancels because of weather you will not be charged any amount.
Want to be a mermaid? Now you can! 🧜‍♀️