Under Water Scooter Oahu


Under Water Scooter Oahu

Under Water Scooter Oahu for an exciting Oahu Activity found no where else then Honolulu, Hawaii. You will experience Oahu in an underwater scooter while you take your favorite instagram pictures or shoot a tiktok under water, This activity is free and only requires a razor scooter, goggles, and a long held breath!

underwater scooter hawaii

Price may vary by scooter model
Activity Type: DIY
Vendor: Walmart
Oahu Activity: Underwater Scooter
Location: Hawaii Ocean
Breath Hold: 1 min+
Duration: As long as you like
Availability: Daily
When you arrive to the store, pick out your favorite scooter then head over to the beach where you can go for an under water scooter ride. The best thing is, this activity is free and you are the guide for this self made Hawaii Activity in Oahu. You may be greeted by tropical fish, turtles, or a friendly sea horse as you submerge into the ocean on your scooter. It’s recommended that you are able to hold your breath for 30 seconds to 1 minute and practice breathing in and out, without hyperventilating, so you can get used to taking long breaths. No matter where you go on the island you will experience Hawaii’s underwater marine life face to face, while scooting around under water on your underwater scooter. After your underwater scooter adventure you are more than welcome to snorkel or do any other Oahu activity available. The underwater scooter is a personal underwater scooter that easily navigates through the water. 

It’s like riding a scooter on land but only you’re under water in Hawaii! The novices can master the tricks you see people doing on land, like 360’s, tailwhips, backflips, and all the cool tricks that will get you likes on social media. The scooter will go as fast as you are able to kick, and propel yourself through the ocean floor. Some people have reached speeds up to 1mph!


Add Parasailing 600 ft. Only $85
Most Popular
Add Tandem Jet Ski Only $70
Add Bumper Tube Ride Only $60

Under Water Scooter Honolulu Info

Excursion times & Check in    

  • Anytime you like

  • Bike, car, bus.

  • Unlimited time under water scooter exploration.
  • Great photo opportunities of pacific marine life.
Items and clothes to bring   

  • Swimsuit
  • Sunglasses
  • Slippers/flip-flops
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Hat

  • None
Cancellation Policy   

  • This is a DIY activity, so enjoy the likes on your instagram & tiktok accounts as you underwater scooter in Hawaii!
A fun and creative Hawaii activity for the social vlogger!