$150 Free Coupon

Let’s see how you qualify for your $150 Gift Voucher

At Fresh Air Oahu, we are Partnered with a Vacation Planning Company with a focus on Island and Eco Tours… It’s our mission to ensure that you have a wonderful experience while exploring Oahu, and also assist you with reserving the highest quality tours, tickets, and rentals for the absolute lowest price.

In addition to offering everyday wholesale prices on Hawaii snorkeling, luaus, and tours, we also have apromotional coupon available that is worth $150 dollars… That amounts to your choice of two tickets to almost anything! You can use the credit for a Sightseeing Tour, or put it toward other activities that we offer as well like Car Rentals, Dinner Cruises, and Hawaiian Luaus… So, How do you take advantage of the Promotional Coupon and get the $150 Discount?

Simply by learning how to get the best travel deals in the world! The landscape of the travel industry has changed completely and Hotels, Cruises, and Airlines don’t want you to know about it. But don’t worry, our partners have put together a 90 Minute Slide Show Seminar that shows you Exotic Vacation Specials and How to stay at First Class Resorts around the world for DIRT CHEAP PRICES!

When you go to The Preview Center here in Waikiki and have a look at the vacation specials, your reward is a $150 Store Credit! You can use the credit immediately, and it’s yours to keep whether you decide to purchase any vacation specials or not!

By the way, THIS IS NOT TIMESHARE! These are “closed promotion” vacation specials that you will never see advertised on TV or anywhere else!

Simply agree to see the 90min Promotion here in Hawaii and schedule it into your itinerary and you will be given a $150 Promotional Discount Code that you can enter into your shopping cart.

Certain Qualifications must be met in order to be eligible for the $150 Promotional Coupon.

~ Three Simple Steps ~


1.) See if you qualify for the Discount

2.) Schedule a time to attend the Promo

3.) Enter $150 coupon code at checkout

~ Promotional Qualifications ~


1.) Must be a resident of the US or Canada

2.) Attend a 90 minute promotion about vacation specials and leave one hour after open for questions and answer.

3.) Must be at least 27 yrs old and not a full time student.

4.) If married, or live with a significant other, both spouses must attend the promotion together

5.) Must have a combined household income of at least $65,000 USD ; singles must be at least 30 yrs old with a $55,000 income.

6.) All parties attending must be able to read and speak English

7.) Children must be at least 8 yrs old.

8.) Must bring one major credit card per group (No Obligation)

9.) All guest must have their state ID’s.


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