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Honolulu Aquarium – Waikiki Aquarium

Honolulu Aquarium – Waikiki Aquarium

The Honolulu Aquarium, also known as the Waikiki Aquarium, was the second public aquarium to be built in the United States, completed on March 19, 1904. Their mission is “to inspire and promote understanding, appreciation and conservation of Pacific marine life.” The Honolulu Aquarium contains over 15 marine life exhibits such as “Ocean Drifters,” “Ocean Aquaculture” and “Hawaiian Marine Communities.”

Waikiki Aquarium

Box jellyfish

Peppermint Angel Fish

Hawaii Seahorse

Oahu Parrotfish

Puffer Fish

General Admission: $12
Type: Marine & Wildlife
Phone: (808) 923-9741
Activity: Waikiki Aquarium
Location: Waikiki
Hours 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Availability: Daily
The aquarium also boasts incredible animal diversity with eight types of invertebrates, over 15 types of fish, two species of reptiles, Hawaiian Monk Seals along with several types of plants and seaweeds.The Honolulu Aquarium also hosts several annual events throughout the year.  On family night, guests are welcome to join in a picnic on the lawn while enjoying themed activities designed by aquarium biologists. Families may also learn from knowledgeable guest speakers as they share scientific information on marine life.

During the annual Koi Show, over 200 koi are brought in for guests to view as well as purchase. The aquarium brings in koi experts and hobbyists from across the world to the event to share their koi knowledge with attendees.

Ke Kani O Ke Kai is a concert series fundraiser featuring many of Hawaii’s top entertainers. The series takes place throughout the summer on alternating Thursday evenings. The aquarium invites tourists as well as locals to attend concerts for live entertainment and food. Bring a blanket and enjoy an evening with family and friends on the beach-front lawn!

Mauka To Maiki (Earth Day) is celebrated every year in April and is hosted by the Department of Health-Clean Water Branch and City & County of Honolulu Environmental Services. This educational event teaches both the young and the old how they can help protect our environment.

Seasons and the Sea is held on the Wai’anae mountain range to observe the changing of the seasons.  During this free event, guests participate in traditional chants and hula while learning about Hawaii’s splendid history.

World Oceans Month is held every June to commemorate World Oceans Day (June 8). Activities range from ocean exhibits to artist entertainment and special guest presentations. Volunteers are also welcome to assist in various clean-up projects around the Hawaiian community.

Finally, Marine Educators’ Night is a free event sponsored by NOAA’s Ocean Explorer program and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and dedicated to exploration of the Honolulu Aquarium. Drinks and snacks are always provided while attendees learn about the NOAA’s Ocean Explorer website materials and visit with representatives from State and Federal organizations.

The Honolulu Aquarium also provides several options for school group visits. Docent-Guided visits are 75 minutes in length and are led by staff and trained volunteer docents. Students attend a 30-minute interactive classroom presentation along with a 45-minute guided aquarium tour. The second option, Self-Guided tours, are led by teachers of any age group and are one hour in length. Finally, Honolulu Aquarium offers a Special Presentations option that is open to all ages.

Plan your family’s visit to the aquarium honolulu today to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Waikiki Aquarium Info

Time & Duration

  • Daily
  • Honolulu aquarium hours 9 am – 4:30 pm
Driving Directions

  • 2777 Kalakaua Ave. Honolulu, HI 96815
  • Waikiki aquarium parking Click Here

Items and clothes to bring

  • Beach Towel
  • Slippers/flip-flops
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Camera
  • Money for souvenirs
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