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Kuleana Travel tips in Hawaii – Malama da Aina

Kuleana Travel tips in Hawaii – Malama da Aina

In Hawaiian Kuleana means (responsibility) and we believe taking care of our Aina (land), is our responsibility. We have beautiful oceans and landscape filled with tropical fruits, birds, and fish. Not only is it nice to keep them alive but we want them to thrive. Some of the ways we can keep Hawaii thriving is by doing some very basic things together.

NO LITTERING – Pick up after yourself. Throw away trash and plastic waste. Did you just eat a plate lunch or musubi at the beach? Throw away the plastic, don’t let the wind carry it away and pollute the ocean. I’ve seen sea turtles and fish wrapped suffering while wrapped in plastic or plastic and metal along the shore lines. It’s sad and disgusting to look at. As a tourist we encourage you to think like a local and take care of the land.

HAVE GRATITUDE AND THANKFULNESS – Upon stepping foot on this land take a deep breath and give thanks for life and all the life that lives here. Watch the beautiful sunsets, swim in the water, and embrace the Aloha spirit. Walk on the sand and feel the water crash on your feet then bend down and scoop the water in your hand and splash it on your face. Get grounded by walking barefoot in the jungle or park. Say something nice to someone. A little act of kindness can go a long way! 

smiling in hawaiiLAUGH & SMILE – Don’t forget to smile 🙂 Everyone needs to see your beautiful face smile and hear your voice laughing with joy. See that wasn’t so hard! Enjoy the island and Mala da Aina 

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