Western Union Honolulu – Cash Checks in Waikiki

Western Union Honolulu – Cash Checks in Waikiki

The Western Union in Waikiki is located right next to the Ala Moana Mall on 435 Atkinson Dr # B, Honolulu, HI 96814. To speak with a Western Union Money Agent call (808) 949-5044 and they will be glad to help you.

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Send & receive money Yes
Nearby Ala Moana Shopping Mall, Waikiki Beach, Yacht Club
Shop Near a convenient store
Services International & domestic money transfer, cash checks, cashiers checks, and money services
  • Unlike your local bank who charges high fees for transferring small quantities of money, the Western Union only charges a minimal amount to transfer money.

  • They will save you time and money when transferring funds between states and international money transfers.

  • The Sender simply goes to the Western Union and hands over the funds to the Western Union and chooses a Western Union branch located where the receiver will pick up the money.

  • The Western Union will then give the sender a 10 digit access code to give to the receiver.

  • The Sender contacts the receiver and gives them the ten digit access code so they can receive their funds.

  • The receiver then goes to the Western Union with ID and fills out the appropriate form. (Yellow Withdraw) and writes down their 10 digit access code.

  • After completion and if everything goes well with no complications you will have money in hand and a smooth Western Union Transaction.